Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A weekend trip north

 My mother in law comes from a town in the north-west highlands, where most of her family still live. It is also officially the wettest place in the UK and home of the highest mountain!

On Saturday night my mother in law's family were having a family reunion in a town about an hour south of there, in a hotel where one of her nephews is the head chef. This meant we all got good discounts on the hotel rooms!

Rather than travel all that way for just one night, we headed north to the first town to stay with a cousin of my husband's (from his dad's side) and his family. Is this getting complicated? It's not really. It just happens that my husband's cousin from his dad's family has ended up living in the town where my husband's mother's family are from!


My husband and his cousin have always been quite close friends. His cousin's children are roughly ages with our older three boys and also very similar in personalities so the children all had a great time together.

This is the view from their living room. 

Technically it is Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK, but the top is hidden in the clouds.

And in this one too. In fact, only once have I actually seen the top of Ben Nevis. From the ground, I should add! My husband, however, has seen the top from the top :0)

James taught his second cousin how to play chess.

The other boys spent quite a while outside.

James invented a LEGO White-House.

David and his fellow third born second cousin found a hairy caterpillar.

Alasdair enjoyed playing with bubbles.

And everyone enjoyed playing with the friendly dog who would chase sticks all day long!

Before we headed south for the re-union, we visited the nearby Glenfinnan monument.

Remember Calum's love of Jacobite history, which I wrote about here? Glenfinnan is where the Jacobites first raised their flag.

The viaduct in the distance is also well known, I think, from the Harry Potter films.

After this we hit the road for the hour's drive south to the re-union, but I think I'll leave the re-union (and some more scenery) for another post.


  1. beautiful pictures - what gorgeous scenery! And how fun for your kiddies. Looks like they had a great visit. :) So cool to see the Glenfinnan monument, too! I will have to show my bros...

  2. So so beautiful Kirsteen! I can't get over that view of the mountains and clouds!
    The boys are getting so so big Alasdair especially!!

    Miss you guys so much and I am so happy to back into a routine.

    Much Love

  3. Oops Sorry I didn't finish that thought,
    I was meaning to say,
    I am so happy to be back to regular life after our move and now I can catch up on all your posts!!


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