Saturday, 3 March 2012

Things I'm loving....

I'm loving the creativity going on this week.

From the pictures made at Parent & Toddlers over the last few Friday mornings.....

Seo mise (shaw mee-she) - this is me

 our first ever church ladies craft night....

Lots of knitting, a bit of patchwork, some jewelry making, beautiful cupcakes made by the hostess (my brother's wife) and me the lone crocheter. Those granny squares for the blanket for my cousin's baby are flying off the hook!

I spent the day wondering if it was wrong how much I was looking forward to a couple of hours un-interrupted crochet time that evening! 

From David's pottery painting that we did when my mum was down...

(notice my mum's scarf?)

.....and picked up this week now that it's been fired....
 James' Warhammer and Airfix building/painting

And finally, loving how excited the boys were by the present daddy came home from work with the other day.

 An Action Man army play tent!

In fact daddy was almost as excited as they were :0)

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  1. What a great post! I especially love the last picture!....all of your boys!


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