Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A creation by Calum (and the completed baby blanket)

Calum's class (9 year olds) are working in Literacy Circles just now. A group of them have to read a few chapters of a book and then they each have a different task to do. One of them has to write a brief summary of what has happened, another chooses some of the more unusual/difficult words and looks for their meanings, one has to write a few questions for the others about what has happened and the fourth person has to make some sort of art relating to the story.

Everyone enjoys the arty part the most as they have free reign as to what to do. Calum (and James when his class did this) has previously made a scene out of Lego for it.

This time Calum's teacher said they could even bake a cake connected to the story and so that's what Calum decided to do.

The book is about a boy who loves space and the moon, and so Calum made a cake decorated like the moon.

Didn't he do a good job?

I baked the cake (Victoria Sponge) but he did all the decorating himself, including rolling out the fondant icing.

The metallic shimmer comes from the spray below, which I bought recently but hadn't had a chance to try out.

Moving on.

Here it is then, the completed blanket, of which I am rather proud!

I even remembered to take a photo of it in the daylight to show the colours properly.

Calum wanted to test how cosy it was before we give it to his new 2nd cousin. That is, 2nd cousin as in the relation they are to each other, not his 2nd cousin as in the 2nd cousin he has, as he has more than 2. Confused? Perfectly simple.

This photo (and the one of me holding the blanket) also give you a glimpse into our family room, which used to be our garage until it was converted 3 years ago, and is still known as the 'new room'! That's where all the blogging happens!


  1. That teacher knew exactly what she was doing suggesting a cake :o - it looks great, I'm sure she (and the rest of the class) will really enjoy it!

    And I love the blanket too - great colour combination.

  2. Your blanket is just beautiful! I love the colors!
    Calum's cake is awesome! I've never even worked w/ fondant! Does he give lessons?

  3. Kirsteen, I think it looks great! I've been wanting to make one, but I'm trying to decide on the colors. You did a great job.

  4. Its nice to catch up with you Kirsteen. I love Calum's cake. I do think the creative projects are the funnest
    and most inspiring way to learn (probably just the way it appeals most to me). I love your blanket. I am doing one very similar; with a little bit lighter colors, but very like it in every other way, because I got white to frame it all in also. I'll post it soon... it is not put together yet; just working on the squares (well, they are really flowers and are more round, but like the granny squares. I am hoping to make two of them for a friend who is adopting two little girls.


  5. Sweeeet cake! And it truly does resemble the moon! Good job to your son!

    And I LOVE the baby afghan! How adorable! Gorgeous colors. :)


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