Friday, 30 March 2012

Spring has Sprung!!

Usually when we get un-seasonal weather here it is of the bad sort.

This week it has been of the good sort!

Much as I love the cosy nights of autumn and winter, by the end of February I am really starting to look forward to the weather warming up. March started off just as cold and bleak as February had ended but this last week saw a huge change. Not only did the Spring weather begin, but we wouldn't have been complaining to have these temperatures in the summer!

Every day this week since Sunday the thermometer has been around 21C. I know it's not going to last and that we will soon return to more normal Spring temperatures of around 12C or often lower, but we are certainly determined to make the most of it while it lasts!

Sunday Lunch on the lawn at my brothers. He had to go and dig their patio table out of it's winter hibernation in the garage.

Alasdair the little firefighter.

My husband had already planned to take Monday off work and so was able to scrub down the barbecue and we had our first barbecue of the year far earlier than we have done before!

Dinner outside - in March!!!

Please excuse the mess in the background - we were also giving the shed it's annual spring clean and still hadn't put everything back!

Aberdeen Angus burger, Smoked Scottish Cheddar, Rocket and Tomato & Pepper Relish. As well as barbecued onions and coleslaw.

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  1. Spring has sprung here as well. It was in the mid 70's (Fahrenheit) today.. very warm for time of year, and we are loving it. Everything is getting green, and the birds are singing. Love seeing you all out barbecuing, It makes me think we ought to be getting our outdoor furniture out and set up too.


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