Friday, 9 March 2012

Things I'm loving...


Some very simple things I'm loving this week, but so often it's the simple things that are the best aren't they?

Here we go.

Boys and their imaginations. I'm not sure what he was meant to be here, but with a light-saber and swimming goggles he had a blast defeating imaginary baddies.

Lots of music making. Calum the fiddle player has now started on accordion and is taking to it as naturally as he took to the fiddle.

In other music news, James will soon be moving up from chanter to bagpipes. I foresee a lot of practice in the garden :0)

Loving big brothers who love to read stories to little brothers. And little brothers who eagerly ask big brothers for stories too.

And finally the simple satisfaction of seeing the pile of granny squares for my cousin's baby blanket growing. I'm now at the sewing together stage and aiming to have it finished this weekend. I already have my eye on my next crochet project and so am itching to get going on that!


  1. Oh i love watching my children share time, games, reading together, it just fills your heart with pride & joy they're happy in your family, love Posie

  2. Chanters & bagpipes & accordions -- oh my! I complain when I have to hear one trumpeter struggle through his "Phantom of the Opera Medley" for band...

    How blessed you are with your house full of boys!

  3. So many things to be grateful for!
    Your granny square blanket is beautiful!

  4. What sweet boys you have (talented too!!). Yay for joining up your squares!!

  5. Your boys are precious! Can't say that enough! And I love how musical they are, like you! :) I learned accordion! Yeah here in the states it always blows a person away to hear I learned accordion -- it's not all that common! But I loved it!

    Love your afghan, too! What a pretty crocheted design!


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