Tuesday, 27 March 2012

It's Somebody's Birthday......

.........and it's a big one!

And just before we go any further, it's not mine! I've got a bit to go before I reach this one.

At the weekend my beloved hit the big 4-0. 

The boys had fun choosing special cards for daddy. James' is the funny Basil Fawlty face in the middle below.

David chose a particularly funny one, and one that in no way resembles daddy whatsoever I might add.

Here it is....

Calum has had his eye on this Lego one (what else) for months. David actually originally wanted to get him another Lego card, but since it was for a 50th birthday I persuaded him it might not be the best idea!

Alasdair went straight for the 'tatoe head' one.

Amongst the presents was this Scoltand shinty strip from my brother and his wife, which includes the special number on the back!

I should also point out here that in this photo he is trying it on over a woolly jumper and in real life my beloved isn't quite so chunky.

The main birthday celebration is going to be this coming weekend, when we have hired a barge which will set sail for around 3 hours on Saturday evening, with friends and family on board enjoying a lovely dinner together.

Since the main cake will be on the boat, we just had cupcakes at the weekend. Alasdair was more than happy to blow out those candles for daddy!

And the reason the barge dinner wasn't on the night of his birthday is because that night my beloved and I were at a Fundraising Ball for the charity he works for, but that story will need to wait until tomorrow :0)

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  1. what fun! I can't wait to hear more about the ball! :D


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