Thursday, 8 March 2012


Has anyone tried out Bendaroos?

A year or so you couldn't really escape the advertising for them. Even if you didn't watch tv, the adverts were also in magazines.

Our David (the least likely of the boys to sit down and craft something) was quite taken with the idea of them, but I was put off by the price and so we forgot all about them.

Then at Christmas time a friend of mine gave the boys a joint present, which turned out to be a box of Bendaroos!

The older three boys all spent a happy wet afternoon creating with them.

For the sake of anyone who somehow managed to miss the advertising blitz I should probably explain what exactly a Bendaroo is!

They are basically bendy wax strips, sort of like a pipe cleaner, only instead of being fuzzy on the outside they are waxy. Like a sealing wax. You bend the strips into whatever shape you want and then they stick to each other without the need for glue.

They will also stick to a hard surface as you can see James and Calum have done with the creations below.

They chose to decorate their bunk bed with them. James, with Captain America (of course) who has a clever fist sticking out towards you, and Calum, with wildlife (of course) and an equally clever shark eating his name.

Just last week I saw Bendaroos for sale in a discount store for less than half of their original price. Now that they are more reasonably priced, and since we had such a creative time with them, I think it's definitely worth stocking up on some more.


  1. Maybe people who say us Islanders live in isolation are right - I for one have never heard of them at all!!

    But the boys sure did a good job.

  2. The funny thing is Jennifer, that I first saw the adverts when we were in Lewis at my mum and dad's!

    Perhaps it's just on Skye you are so isolated :0)


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