Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Time for another animation

James is ready to start working on an animation for the short film competition at this year's local Mod. The Mod is at the end of April but films have to be submitted by the end of this month.

Last year he came second so he has a reputation to keep up!

Just this week I found some new software for him, which he has been trying out before we decided if it was worth paying for the full version.

The software I got him last year was good enough but didn't have many extra options. While it had a wide range of sound effects and allowed him to use the webcam to take the stills, it only allowed him one sound file at a time. It didn't have the option of adding titles and credits and so you had to export the file to another programme to add these.

There are plenty other extras to this new software too and it runs soooo much faster than the other one does. Your final film can be in a range of qualities from a basic one for viewing on your computer to HD.

The new software has been developed by someone who worked for Aardman Animation and is called Zu3D. You can find out more about it here if you have any budding animators in your home.

I certainly intend to buy the full version as I know it will be worth every penny in this house!

Enough chat though, onto the film. It's a goodie.

They always are though - I don't know where he gets his ideas!


  1. That was brilliant - well done James!

  2. So good! Love the pool of tears at the end! Very funny!


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