Thursday, 9 February 2012

Some Valentines Planning

I explained my thoughts about how I like to spend Valentine's Day in a post last year, which you can read here

While I think that the whole Valentine's thing has been totally over-commercialised, I do think it is important to take time out and appreciate those that we love.

I'm not suggesting that this should only be on Valentine's Day (in fact we really do try and set aside a time especially for each other over each weekend, even more important with a husband who works away through the week) but if there is a day ear-marked for romance then why let it pass you by?

The whole of blog-land is filled with ideas for Valentine's Day and so here are a few of my favourites.

Last year I also shared these children's printable crafts here. I'm planning on doing the Mickey Mouse Cupcakes, Sweet Boxes and Flowers again this year with the boys, for daddy. Alasdair is a big Mickey Mouse fan now so I know he will enjoy making these.

Tomorrow morning at mother & toddlers I'm planning on making pop-up love heart cards (in Gaelic) with the wee ones. I found this great demo here.

As with last year, we are planning to have our Valentine's Night on Saturday evening as when the day falls my beloved will be working away.

Just this week I discovered this website, Love Actually, which is choc-full of ideas for a themed Valentine's Night. Just click on the 'Ideas' tab. 

So many ideas, in fact, that I struggled to choose one!

I think, though, that I have settled on a fondue night. I love a cheesy fondue, and it's been so long since we had one. Food always has to be first thing planned with me, so I'm thinking cheese fondue with a side of parma ham/pastrami/salad and then a chocolate fondue (or I may even dig out the chocolate fountain!) with loads of fresh fruit (and marshmallows). That would keep us both happy as my husband likes fruity puds and I like chocolate ones!

I'm just wondering if we will get some LEGO presents from the boys as we did last year! 
(See here)


  1. Have a wonderful Valentine's weekend! The food sounds wonderful (especially the chocolate fountain...I love chocolate covered strawberries). I miss your Gaelic word of the day. I want to learn Gaelic, but unfortunately, I can't seem to find anyone in my area that speaks it (which is really not surprising considering where I live).

  2. Wendy, I'm glad you enjoy the Gaelic. I haven't stopped it, I just keep forgetting to add one!

    I was actually thinking of having some posts sometimes with a few phrases of Gaelic accompanied by a clip of how to pronounce them.

    I lead our Gaelic mother & toddler group one morning a week and many of the parents don't have Gaelic, so I already have a supply of sheets with basic phrases I could link to.

    I just need to pluck up the courage to try and video myself saying a few Gaelic phrases to the webcam!

  3. You have so many ideas! It may take me a while to process all the options...perhaps I'll have something decided by next year! Thanks for all the fun info!


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