Monday, 27 February 2012

Make it Monday

I picked up a book of cute little crochet animals in the post-Christmas sales. Calum was one of the first boys to have a flick through it and requested that I make this wee fellow first.

He has added him to his growing collection of crochet animals.

Yes, that is a snail. He requested him from another book.

Now that 'Lumpy' is all finished and tucked up with his animal friends (and Calum) I can get working on my next project.

My cousin and her husband had their first baby, a little girl, last week. She is the first of my cousins on that side of the family to have a baby. If my grandparents were still living they would now have their first great-grand-daughter after 7 great-grandsons.

So since she will be bombarded by clothes, as first-borns usually are, I thought I would get making a granny square blanket for them instead.

But I just don't 'do' overtly pink things (just as well really!) and so have chosen these colours instead.

It also means that once the baby pink stage has passed the blanket can still be used!

Has anyone else been crafting this week?

One of these days I'll get a proper linky tool up and running. If you saw my post about eczema last week you will know what has been taking up most of my time! I'm pleased to say it's settling down a bit the last couple of days.


  1. The elephant is absolutely adorable, as is the snail and koala bear. You should sell them in your etsy store. What a cute gift to give to a little child!

    Love the colors in the blanket...I am sure it will be a cherished blankie for years to come for the little baby girl.

  2. Thanks Wendy! I might make up a wee selection of animals for etsy once I get the blanket made.

    And, yes we do use Aveno, although I've never heard of baby aveno here. We use aveno bath oil and moisturiser. Not heard of the other cream you mentioned, although it could be known by a different name over here.

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  4. Beautiful little creatures! And, oh....I love the colors in your granny squares! Just beautiful!
    I need to get some posting for Make it Monday going...projects just aren't getting finished quite that quickly!

  5. I prefer the Baby Aveeno products because they are less greasy, definitely have no smell and seem like they are exactly formulated for the eczema-prone baby/child. Aquaphor looks like vaseline, but works differently. It has a whole baby line of washes and ointments specifically for eczema sufferers. Doctors prescribe it for a wide variety of skin problems, but you can get it over the counter. I checked on Amazon.UK and you can get it there (it is more expensive for you). Might be worth a try for the smaller eczema flare-ups.


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