Friday, 10 February 2012

What I'm loving this week...


Some of my favourite things in our household this week.

Story time with big brothers.

Actually the 'story' in the above picture is the Argos catalogue, but it's a popular piece of reading material in our house!

Football in the garden, despite the fact that it was only 1C outside and the ground was frozen solid.

Calum's entry for the design a t-shirt competition for the local Mod (Gaelic Music/Arts Competition).

Watching the ducks by the canal. Alasdair found them absolutely hilarious!

The reason for being at the canal was that my husband has booked a canal barge restaurant for dinner to celebrate his birthday in the spring. You only turn 40 once!

Some of the Vaelntine's cards we made at Gaelic mother & toddlers. (No photos of the pop up hearts inside though, but they worked!)

Evenings playing chess by the fire. I'm really no good at chess. It took me 45 minutes to beat 6 year old David - and then he won the next game we played!

Alasdair discovering the frozen water in his car......

........and water table.

And finally, getting to grips with a few more photo editing techniques!

These are the little man's favourite vehicles.

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  1. I can certainly see why those things made the "things I'm loving" list! Hope your week is going well!


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