Monday, 13 February 2012

Make it Monday - Wall Art


Well, I think that's what you would call it, but now that I think about it a bit more, it might not be!


I saw this phrase doing the round on Facebook recently and had it on my to-do list to make it prettier than Times New Roman so that I could hang it in the house.

I also had it on my to-do list to print out a few up to date photos of the boys, as well as some of them together with their cousins, to frame and also hang up in the house.

Then I had the lighbulb moment that the two would go perfectly together.

I used picnik (which is soon to be no more) to type up /the phrase using different fonts. Then I just saved it to my computer and printed it out.

All it needed then was a frame...........

.......and to be placed in position between the new photos I had printed out.

They sit very nicely above the biggest sofa in the living room.

What has everyone else been making this week?

Thanks to Keri-On for joining in so far, in fact even beating me to it this week!


  1. Looks beautiful! What a good phrase to be able to read and re-read!


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