Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Even More Excitement For The History Fan

Well firstly, well done to Wendy for knowing what a Turnbrochie was from last night's post! The turnbrochie was a little kitchen helper who had the job of standing by the fire all day long and turning the meat. He would have been about Calum's age and parents would feel very pleased to have their son doing such a job. It used to be said that you could spot a turnbrochie as one side of his face was red from standing so close to the fire.

As a continuation of their class history project about Mary Queen of Scots, Calum's class were today visiting Holyrood Palace. They had a guided tour which included them being shown the room where David Rizzio was murdered, amongst many other things.

The tour guide sounds like she really told them lots because Calum has done nothing but tell me about Mary, her husbands, her son, the palace, the paintings, the culture at the time, the Stewarts in general etc from when I picked him up from school until he went to bed nearly 6 hours later! 


He says the whole thing about Bonnie Prince Charlie (who he studied last year with equal amounts of enthusiasm) makes sense now as he realises that Charlie's claim to the throne came from being Mary's great-great-grandson. 

He has also just realised that Guy Fawkes was trying to blow up Mary's son with the gunpowder plot. He knew it was a king but not where they fitted into the whole family history. 

He (Calum) is off to sleep now. Hopefully not dreaming about Mary's gruesome end - as he brushed his teeth he asked me if I knew it had taken the executioner four attempts to chop off her head as he was so nervous. I didn't. 

That's him finished with historical trips until after Easter, when they go back to the castle again to film the drama again but this time in Gaelic.

That's my little history fan, second from the right, in his lord's costume.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day for Calum! My boys LOVE history as well! I will have to ask them if they knew some of the facts you shared. The costumes look great! What a wonderful thing - to do a play at such a location! AND get to do it in two languages! Very Fun!


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