Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A spot of Lego

Since it's been a while since we had a Lego post here, I thought it was a good time to share a couple of Calum's latest creations.
Firstly, some quick background info for the first one.
Last week Calum's class spent every day up at the castle filming for an educational DVD. Remember last year James' class did the same project about the great hall of the castle?
Well Calum's class have been working on a DVD about the Royal Appartments, with the story focussed around Mary Queen of Scots just before her son James VI was born. Calum had two parts - that of one of the lords who was around when Mary's friend David Rizzio was murdered, and his main part of the Turnbrochie. Now, who knows what a turnbrochie is? Answer tomorrow!
ANYWAY, Calum came home from filming one day last week and decided to make a Lego version of the camera man, sound man and the girl who was helping them. He took them in to show the crew, who loved them so much that they took a wee film of the Lego figures!
The second of his LEGO projects this week was this calendar he made at Kids Club at church. A Lego man with a Biblical text - now that's a bit unique!

Doesn't the cameraman look like George Lucas?!

You may also have noticed that I used these photos as a chance to play about with the photo editing on my new phone :-)


  1. I know what a Turnbrochie is!! Tell Calum to be careful around the fire!! =) What a great idea for a class trip...the children are learning about history, yet having a lot of fun in the process. Oh and that lego looks just like George Lucas (it also looks like the captain on the "Whale Wars" show that airs on Animal Planet). Too funny!

  2. What a fun history lesson! I wish I could go! :D I love the pictures of the lego men and wow the pictures look great with your new phone!

    I wanted to let you know that I have slowly just recently started a new blog. It is supposed to be an extra help for my makeup website, but it is not at all only focused on makeup :D So I guess I am back to blogging again :)




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