Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Holiday Snaps

Like I said last week, Christmas was a time of great fun for us, and as promised here are a selection of photos of said fun.

You might want to grab yourself a cup or tea or something first, as although these are the much shortened version of our holiday fun, there are still a fair few to get through :0)

So, before we could celebrate Christmas day itself, we helped celebrate my nephew's 4th birthday (which, for those who may have missed my one and only post last week, is on Christmas day but was celebrated the day before so that he got a special day all to himself).

And have I mentioned before that I have only nephews, no nieces? I'm sure I have.

Two cousins

Another two cousins

And another two cousins

And my sweet little man saying 'Cheese'!

The birthday cake.

Now it's on to Christmas day, and here is little man helping get the table ready.

Last year I went for a classy theme with the table decorations. This year I decided to embrace the fun of children at Christmas!

And when I say fun, you aint seen nothing yet!

You see, I found these masks when I was buying the crackers (which were also a bit different from the usual kind) and just had to buy them.

Ready to see them?


Here are three visitors to our table.

A posh man, Sherlock Holmes and Her Majesty the Queen (in her country garb!)

There was also the kitchen maid,

Prince Charles (I have no idea why he is holding up a dagger)

Little Alasdair got a bit concerned when he saw me wearing a mask so I made do with just the funny glasses.

But perhaps the funniest was Grandad's 20s girl mask and Granny the High Court Judge!

Here is the main event, turkey and all the trimmings.

My plate. 

Turkey, gravy, sausagemeat stuffing balls, root vegetable mash, spiced red cabbage, roasted parsnips, roast tatties and bread sauce.

 Don't you just love bread sauce? Every Christmas I say that I must make it again before next Christmas and then forget all about it until next Christmas!

The grand finale, a flaming Christmas pudding.

As well as a chocolate log for those who couldn't have the Christmas pud. 

(And if your asking, we had Spicy Parsnip soup for starter. Well, I would be asking anyway as I always like to know what people have for important dinners!)

Then it was on to the after dinner entertainment, courtesy of our Talent Show crackers.

Each cracker contained a talent to perform, and included what you needed. There was balloon modelling, a kazoo band, an impressionist, a magic trick and a couple of others. The funniest had to be David (6) conducting us all singing 'The 12 Days of Christmas', where we had to sing a line each and join in with the right line. I have it on film and may just share it with you tomorrow on Twelfth Night!

Alasdair sang his own two year old version of Gaelic Jingle Bells (complete with his little gold bell).

Even Auntie Anna's dog, Cuilean, got into the festive spirit!

Isn't this a great photo? It was taken by David.

For Hogmanay we went through to my inlaws' to see in the New Year. Auntie Anna and Cuilean were there too.

The oldest three boys stayed up for the Bells. Here they are watching their favourite band Manran playing on the BBC Alba (Gaelic TV channell) Hogmanay Show.

Finally, this was after the Bells, toasting the New Year with some fizzy juice!

All that remains is for me to wish everyone a blessed and happy new year!

Bliadhna Mhath Ùr Dhuibh Ùile (Blee-an-e Va Oor Gu-eev Oo-le) - Happy New Year to You All


  1. What a great post! Thanks for sharing your celebrations w/ us! May the Lord bless you and your family this coming year!

  2. By the way...your food looks delicious! Quite delicious!

  3. I love all the photos!

    Wishing you and yours the best year ever!

    Bridget in Minesota


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