Monday, 9 January 2012

Make it Monday

I've decided to re-vamp my Work In Progress Wednesday for the new year and turn it into Make it Monday instead.

To get Make it Monday up and running, here are just a few of the crafty things I was working on before Christmas  I couldn't share these projects here before as they were presents for people who read the blog!

This glittery silver scarf was for my mum's birthday which is the week before Christmas. She loves a bit of bling and it was a big hit. 

I was on a bit of a tea/coffee cosy roll and quite pleased with how these three turned out (all for different people!)

It's only right that I point out that this fabric is a patchwork effect and that I didn't sew all those patches together. 

However, learning to patchwork is on my to-do list for 2012!

I get so much of my crafty inspiration from other blogs out there, and what I would love with Make it Monday is if others could also share what crafts they are working on. 

It doesn't matter what - sewing, crochet, knitting, papercraft etc - or of it is a half-way through project.

So, if you have nothing to share this week, take this as advanced warning for the next few Mondays! 

I'd love to know what you are working on. Leave me a link in the comments section and even grab the button below to link back in your own post if you have a blog.



  1. Kirsteen, this is so fun! I will definitely link up next week. And I think your green tea cozy is just the cutest thing ever! :)

  2. Kirsteen,
    I love the idea of make it Monday...although many of my Mondays will be the same project, and perhaps won't have much progress....I would love to "link up" with you for "Make it Monday"! I'll try to get something on this coming week!
    Your cozies are very pretty! You do such beautiful work! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Kirsteen!!! I love love love the projects! Especially the tea cozies!! The patchwork one is my favorite! You got my creative juices revved up now! :)

  4. The other comments from Lizzy are me Kirsteen. Sorry I was using my other gmail account hehehehe.

  5. Great, glad to have some interest ladies!

    Elizabeth, I knew it was you anyway :0)


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