Friday, 13 January 2012

Things I'm loving this week....


For the first 'Thing's I'm loving' post of 2012, it seems appropriate to focus on the main things I'm loving every single week.

That is, the housefulofboys.

Here they are snuggling up with Auntie Anna's dog at Granny & Grandad's house on New Year's Day

No2 son (age 9) is a huge animal lover. He would love to be a vet when he is older. He's certainly smart enough for it anyway. 

No4 son (age 2) loves to potter around. He is everyone's delight.

He still suffers badly from his eczema, still waking up at least once or twice a night itching, but who couldn't love this little munchkin?!

(This is a very good day for the eczema on his face)

No3 son (age 6) remains the daredevil, sports lover, 'I-must-do-it-bigger-better-faster' boy.

But he has a lovely sweet cuddly side too.

That long-suffering dog!

No1 son (age 12 next week. Wait, 12? How did that happen?!) is the arty, inventive boy. He has developed an interest in baking and this is the chocolate cake he made last week.

He and his cousin, who he ranks as his best friend, enjoyed two slices each!

I had to snap this quick before it disappeared!

And of course, let's not forget their daddy, my handsome, hard-working, and full of fun other-half.

♥    ♥    ♥


  1. You have a beautiful houseful of boys!

  2. You have the coolest family! Your boys are so precious and that owl is amazing!! One of my girls would love to be a vet too!

  3. So lovely getting to know the boys in your household a little more - each so unique and so beautiful. You can feel the love that is in your family radiating from your blog xx


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