Monday, 30 January 2012

Make it Monday - Mobile Phone Cover/Protector

There was (and still is) great excitement here last week when I took delivery of a new mobile phone.
Since the best contracts tend to all be 24 months long, I researched which phone to get more thoroughly than I have done in the past. I didn't want to be stuck with a phone I wasn't happy with.
Once I had decided on the phone I then looked around for the best deal on it. I was sure I had found it, but did a quick check with my technically and financially savvy brother, who of course managed to find me an even better deal (£7 a month cheaper than the one I found, which over 24 months is quite a bit!)
I love my phone. I know it's a good one as it's the newer model of my aforementioned technically savvy brother's. It does pretty much everything except wash the dishes for me!
The boys love it just as much. In fact there are more little boy's apps on it now than there are of mine - quite a few Lego ones!
The point to this story is, that having a phone I actually want to look after properly meant that I needed a cover to protect the lovely big touch screen.
And every self respecting phone needs a crocheted cover, don't you think?
I rustled this one up over the weekend. All it is, is a crocheted rectangle folded up and sewn up the sides. With a little scalloped edge to the flap. And made to measure my phone so it's all nice and snug.


  1. So cute Kirsteen!
    Its so exciting getting a new phone. I got a new phone too and am worried about the screen. I might have to make myself one of these!!


  2. Love the color! Great little project, and definately for a good cause....I keep thinking I should make such a thing for my kindle. Perhaps you have motivated me to do just that!
    How is your shoulder?

  3. Thanks Marie and Keri. I should have added that the photos don't do it's cuteness justice!

    Keri, as soon as I showed it to my brother's wife she said I would have to make one for her Kindle!

    My shoulder is on the mend thanks. I finally went to the doctors to get it seen at the end of the week, but there was no serious damage. Just told that it could take up to 4 -6 weeks to recover properly. I managed to do the normal housework today but still couldn't think of trying to lift a 2 year old with it!

  4. Kirsteen you are brilliant! I love your beautiful case! I think the pictures look excellent as well. And yay for a new phone! I wonder what apps your boys are enjoying? Maybe you could share sometime. Winston loves little educational apps that we let him play with. I wonder if you have any good suggestions. :)

    Read the above comment and sorry to hear about your shoulder! It would be difficult when you do have a cute heavy 2 year old to pick up!

    Much love Kirsteen!


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