Sunday, 11 December 2011

Things I'm loving this week...


There have been so many things I have been loving this week I couldn't narrow it down.

So here we go.

Making Christmas memories.

Each boy has a their own most treasured tree ornament that they hang themselves. The other ornaments can be hung by any boy but not these special ones.

Little man wasn't quite able to hang is own though and every time he tried it just fell to the floor!

Success, with a little help.

My brave oldest nephew had an operation this week and since he is as big a Captain America fan as James is, James wanted to make some special cakes for him.

I made the cupcakes but the decor, including colouring the sugarpaste, was done entirely by James and Calum.

My cosy Christmas mantlepiece, with some favourite Christmas ornaments....

.......and the festive scented candle my beloved bought me.

The special bond of brothers, especially older brothers who are so good at looking after youngest brothers and making things fun for them.

And finally, the rare chance for me to not be outnumbered by boys, at my husband's sister's annual girls-only Christmas party last night. My almost-as-equally-outnumbered-by-boys brother's wife also escaped from her houseful of boys and came along too.

It was such a fun night, including plenty of chocolate cake, and finished off with our Secret Santa gifts.

Here is my husband's sister on the left ready to be Santa!


  1. Oh wow - those cupcakes look amazing!! Big up to your boys - and love the snowman!!

  2. Gorgeous cupcakes! Your little fellows have some talent! Your boys are such handsome little guys, and they look so happy all together! What a blessing!

    Hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas season! I am trying to catch up some on the blogs I have enjoyed following, as I got behind when grad studies were taking up so much attention this past semester! Christmas break, now! Stop in at my blog sometime! :)

  3. I especially love the look you captured between Ali and James.


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