Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Autumnwatch - It's officially over!

Is it just me or does it feel like autumn is over almost as soon as it got started?

It really flew by.

Last week I was looking at the bare trees around and thinking that I must get a photo of them to finish off my little Autumnwatch project, but of course I didn't quite get around to it and now they look a bit more like this......

and this........

and this........

 I thought all this photo needed is a wee robin sitting on top and it would look like one of those classic Christmas cards!

I can't believe I have heard people complaining already about the snow. We haven't had too much, just a nice couple of inches. They seem to have forgotten that at this time last year we were completely snowed in under a couple of feet of snow. I made a little slideshow of that here. At the start of the slideshow is an average snowfall and then by the end, which was only a couple of days later, it is rather a lot more. That was officially the worst winter, and coldest December for over a century!

Or if you missed our champion icicles last Christmas you can see them here, which I actually posted exactly a year ago today.

I for one am hoping we do get a bit more snow, but if it could just wait until a bit closer to Christmas as I have one or two things still to get!

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  1. I do remember how much snow you all got! It was remarkable! It does seem like autumn flew by! I hope you do get a white Christmas! I will be dreaming about it here :P


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