Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Work In Progress Wednesday

This is a bit of a long term WIP.

 I started it back in September and I did know I was in for a long haul project before I started it. Especially as it isn't the only thing I have been working on.

It's going to be one of the Christmas presents from me to the older three boys, although I'm thinking I might actually write that it's from Alasdair on the card.

Although it's a big project, it's not a hard one. Just lots and lots of granny squares. I'm almost done the squares,  I've now got to sew them all together.

While the boys were at school today Alasdair and I laid them out to get an idea of what it's going to look like, and here it is, complete with the chart I'm working from and a solitary extra black square. The gaps are where I still need to make more squares (8 white and 8 cream, since you ask).

In case anyone out there is looking at it blankly and wondering what it is, it's the mushroom thing from Super Mario Brothers.

And I'm making it into a rug for the family/play room. 

I thought about adding some more squares and making it into a blanket, which I might still do eventually, but for as far as Christmas is concerned, it's a rug. If I do make it into a blanket, I'll need to make it a decent sized one so that three boys can snuggle under it on the sofa whilst watching a movie. Actually, make that four.

It's an impressive size once assembled and here is Alasdair admiring it to give you an idea of the scale.

All he really wanted to do was keep running across it!

My inspiration came from here, although I'm using a different granny squares pattern.

I have a lot of sewing ahead of me in the next two and a bit weeks, so if you'll excuse me............


  1. Wow - it's much bigger than I thought at first - it's only when I saw the photo of it with the wee fella I realised just how big it was.
    Good for you.... it'll be smashing :)

  2. This is cool, it's just like the one Paisley Jade made and finished recently - did you see hers too? It's here :-)

    Good luck!!!!

  3. Really fun! Great idea! I'm sure the boys will be thrilled!

  4. This is so neat,and a great deal of work. Praying, you get it done before the Holidays....

  5. Oh its delightful! The boys are going to be thrilled! I could see right away that it was Mushroom from Mario Brothers :P Alasdair is SOOO cute sitting there next to it with that big smile! He just loves his momma and all that she does! :)

  6. Oh WOW this is so lovely Kirsteen. I think the boys are going to love it. I could tell right away that it was from Mario!!!!

    I also loved hearing the kids sing in the videos you posted a few posts back, so beautiful, It put me in such a festive cozy mood, Ezra came crawling over as fast as he could when he heard it playing and when he got onto my lap he started clapping away.
    Enjoyed the ice-skating pics and seeing you all afterwards have hot chocolate. I think that is just perfect for a christmas outing.
    Much Love


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