Monday, 5 December 2011

A Festive-fun-filled weekend

Our festive fun began at lunchtime on Friday when we met up in town with daddy, who had taken the afternoon off. 

First stop was the outdoor ice rink.

The boys were so excited as they had never been ice skating before.

I, on the other hand, had spent nearly every Saturday afternoon between the ages of 11 and 16 ice skating. I never did anything fancy, just went round and round with a few friends, week in week out. I loved it!

16 is a little further back than I would like to think it was though, and when I first stepped onto the ice on Friday I thought, 'Yikes, how come I used to be good at this?!'

Thankfully, after a few tentative circuits hovering safely close to the side, it all came back to me, and I was brave enough to let Calum and David hold onto me, without fearing that they would pull me straight over.

James was determined to do it alone, and look, he isn't clinging to the sides!

This was him zooming, well more like sort of staggering/sliding, across in front of me.

OK, in this photo, I had my purse and phone and a whole host of other things stuffed in my pockets. It's really not very flattering!

My arm was aching after an hour of pulling little boys who were clinging on for dear life around.

We had hired some double bladed skates for Alasdair. I was pretty sure he wouldn't want to go on the ice, but didn't want him to feel left out. When we stepped on he said, 'Too slidy, too slidy!' and dad was only too keen to stay off with him!

Instead, they went on the water dodgem things, which Alasdair absolutely adored.

By the time we were done, it was getting dark and so the temperature was plummeting.

This was a good excuse to head into a coffee shop.

We went into the one in the National Gallery, which is really lovely.

The boys who could had hot chocolate,

 Those who are allergic and so couldn't, had freshly squeezed juices,

And we had tea and cream scones.

Brrr, it was cold when we left.

In this photo, Edinburgh Castle is in the middle on the skyline.

On Saturday morning was the Boys' Brigade Christmas Fayre, which the boys always love. This was followed by a trip to the cinema to see Tintin with daddy, while I was at a Craft Fair.

On Saturday night when we were sitting talking about our weekend, I was thinking that the perfect thing to round it off would be if the snow would come.

Then on Sunday morning................


......this was Alasdair this morning on our way home from dropping his brothers at school.



  1. Oh..what a perfect weekend! Sounds lovely!
    My kiddos are awaiting the TinTin movie here! It hasn't opened here yet!
    I'd have chosen the craft fair w/ you!

  2. What a fun fun FUN weekend! I love the pictures too! Everything is so picturesque!! The tea, scones, juice and hot chocolate sounded like a perfect end to a grand time! I am so happy you got snow! Alasdair looks so cute in his hat and coat! Brrr it does look cold! Wishing I could have a little bit of it over here :P Just a little though :)


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