Friday, 16 December 2011

Things I'm loving...


This week it was the school nativity play.

The Primary 2s always do the acting and the Primary 1s sit in front of the stage and help with the songs.

Since our David is a big Primary 2 boy, he was one of the shepherds and had a whole line to say.

The most handsome shepherd I have ever seen.

And I can say that truthfully, as when his older two brothers were in the nativity play they were a villager and a wise man (the most handsome villager, and wise man ever, of course!)

My cake decorators have been busy again this week, following on from their success with the Captain America cakes last week.

James and Calum made these snowmen to put on the cupcakes I made for the Sunday School Christmas party. 

Then they offered to decorate our Christmas cake. 

They did all the decorating, including rolling out the marzipan and icing.

Can you tell who it's meant to be?

I'll let you know next week!

 But the biggest thing we have been loving this week has been, being on TV!!

The piece that we recorded back in September, of us test driving a car for a Gaelic TV programme was shown this week. It wasn't too embarrassing, thankfully.

You can watch it by clicking on the link below. We are on at around 6 minutes. And there are subtitles too!

Autographs available on request :0)

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  1. Oh wow - can't wait to watch the clip!! Just love your snowmen cupcakes - very clever and I am going to have to pin them to pinterest!!


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