Monday, 6 January 2014

Crochet Mood Blanket 2014

The tree is down, the decorations are packed away for another 11 months and a bright new year has begun. Well, not quite so bright. It's been rather stormy and wet weather wise, but I mean bright as in full of opportunities.


I've never been one for New Years resolutions, as I think I mention every new year. All that giving up chocolate and stuff. It's just not me!


But a year long crochet project.....


I came across this one on Instagram and just loved the idea. All that it involves is one granny square a day. Or week. Or month. Whatever you think you can manage. Then at the end of the year you have a lovely sized blanket.


Now you might have noticed my love of the humble granny square over the last few months.


Since the summer there have been two brightly coloured blankets for my two littlest men...




A granny square teddy blankie toy......


And my current work in progress, a granny blanket for my own granny. It's going to be a joint Christmas and birthday present for her. She turns 90 at the end of the month.



How then could I resist this challenge?!


The original idea was to assign colours to your moods and then crochet each day according to how you feel but plenty of people are doing their own variations.


I've decided to go with a purple/lilac theme as this will be for our bedroom. I've always fancied making a blanket for our room but the thought of a King sized one was a bit daunting! At the pace of a square a day it's a little less so, and it means I can also work on other things at the same time. In my spare time. Ha. Ha.


Anyway, back to my plan.


I'm going to have shades of purple and maybe greens on average days, then on special days I will choose special colours. Like pinks for female family members' birthdays and blue for the males. Then the odd coordinating colour for any other special days. And maybe an occasional different square pattern too. I'll see how it all takes shape. All the squares will be bordered in cream.


I know I won't manage a square every single day so on days when I have more time I plan to make up some extras.


Oh yes, and I'm keeping a wee note of what squares/colours were done on what dates so it'll be more of a memory blanket than a mood blanket.


Here are my days 1-4.



I know I have quite a few crochet friends and it would be great if you could all join in. I'd love to see what everyone else makes. Wouldn't it be lovely if those of us who are taking part could exchange a square each?!


Let me know if you are in!


There are other ways to connect with those taking part. There's a Facebook page, just search for Crochet Mood Blanket 2014. Or on Instagram look for #crochetmoodblanket2014. Incidentally, if we haven't connected on Instagram yet I'm @myhousefulofboys.


Finally, here's a Gaelic word of the day to kick start the new year:


Plaide (pla-je) - blanket





  1. Hello Kristine, What a wonderful idea! They baby looks so sweet (can I hold him) :)
    Do you have a link that has this granny square directions!
    I made them years ago and I really like this pattern!
    I miss chatting with you, do want to be FB friends?
    Blessings and Happy New Year!! Big Hug

  2. Ow boy, this is a challenge! I've only just started 2 months ago and I still need to finish up one blanket :) Still haven't found any time to figure out how to crochet my squares together... I'll have to do that this week so the blanket is ready for our baby girl!!
    But after that I might be in for the ride, it's just not really easy to find beautiful yarn colors...


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