Monday, 20 January 2014

Birthday Boy.

Here's a challenge.


Any idea which of my boys this is, aged about 5 months?


I think they all look quite similar, but also quite different, as babies.


The biggest clue in the photo above is probably how young I am!


Here is that same boy on his first birthday, with a little Teletubby cake.

That same boy celebrated his birthday at the weekend.
His 14th! {how is that even possible?!}
Yes, it was our oldest boy, James, in the photos above.
Moving on from his love of the Teletubbies then to his love of Marvel this year for his cake...


All he wanted to do to celebrate his birthday was to have his cousins {and Uncle & Aunt} round for a homemade steak pie dinner....


...and for the oldest of his cousins, who he considers as one of his best friends {and is also an equally huge Marvel fan} to stay for a sleepover.


Back in the days of those first couple of photos I could never have pictured that sweet cuddly baby 14 years later, as tall as me {although I think I still have an inch or so over him} and in an Army Cadet uniform. Nor could I have imagined what a crazy sense of humour he would have and that he would be such a good older brother to his four younger brothers.


Happy Birthday James!



  1. Happy birthday to James!! And congratulations on the mommy too :)

  2. What a hansom boy he is Kirsteen! I loved seeing the pictures of him as a baby! And I loved his choice of dinner! Your cake looks AMAZING! Happy Birthday James!

  3. Very Happy Belated Birthday!


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