Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Hogmanay, eczema, allergies & 007 Monopoly!

Three weeks ago, aged 8 weeks, Fraser was given his first course of antibiotics as he had the beginnings of a skin infection. His eczema began to settle down a little but then flared up again and so he was given another course.


We went through to stay with my in laws for Hogmanay/New Year last week when he was about 48 hours into the second course. He had a lot of yellow crusting on his forehead where the skin had been weeping, as you can see below.


I know I'm more than a little biased, but aren't his eyes beautiful?! :-)



All of the other boys adore him but he really brings the soft side out in our rough-and-tumble boy, David.


It wasn't just eczema we were dealing with on Hogmanay though.
As everyone at granny and granddad's got competitive in a game of 007 Monopoly in the run up to 'the bells' at midnight, I noticed Alasdair's eye was getting puffy. I know he hadn't eaten anything he shouldn't have but there must have been something spilled on the table that he accidentally touched. It could have been cream or ice cream from dinner time, or perhaps something from the cheeseboard some of the others had recently eaten.
I felt a little bad for not making sure everything was clear before he went to the table to join in the Monopoly game but I was busy with Fraser in the other room and hadn't really thought about it.
I was watching them all from the other room when I thought his eye looked funny and so called him through to me. His eye was almost closed over and there were hives on his face. I gave him a dose of antihistamine which soon stopped it from getting any worse. It did take quite a while for the swelling in his eye to go down though.
This is him a couple of hours after his first dose of medicine.


It didn't stop him from enjoying his evening though and my sister in law was able to take this lovely photo of us all after we had seen in the new year. It's a pretty good one considering it was taken at about 12.30am!


And I can't leave out this other great photo taken of us all with my husband's parents and sister in law's dog.


But back to Fraser and his eczema.
His second dose of antibiotics didn't do an awful lot of good either and so on Monday I was back at the doctor with him. As soon as he saw him the doctor decided to refer him as an emergency referral to dermatology. He also prescribed a topical antibiotic cream and low dose steroid cream, which is happily beginning to do the trick.
On top of it all, the poor wee man has been struggling with a heavy cold and bad cough for that last week, which may be why his eczema flared up a bit worse last week. It's certainly been the pattern with the other boys' skin.
For a week or so he has been much more sleepy than usual and content only sleeping in my arms. I don't mind the extra cuddles but I was beginning to miss my content smiley boy.
His cough has begun to settle down today though, and we've all been enjoying seeing his eyes sparkle again.


He's also now got the coordination to scratch those itchy bits too!


As for who won the 007 Monopoly, well we nearly missed the bells because they were all so engrossed in it! Ask Auntie Anna and she will claim it was her. But then so will dad. And James! So I think we should call it a draw.

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  1. Fraser does have such beautiful eyes. He is a precious baby. I feel so sad for him and you having to deal with his eczema… and Alasdair (loved his dear picture) as well. Looks like you all had a delightful New Year all in all. We didn't stay up, because we had to take Nathan and family to the airport in the early, wee hours, so we had a nice day, and they packed up in the evening and then we went to bed. The 007 Monopoly sounds like good fun though. Your picture does look very good especially, as you say, considering the time. Happy New Year to you and your sweet family.


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