Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Make it Monday - on a Tuesday, again.

This make had to be finished off last night so that I could give it to my mum, who was down for a few days, to take back home with her today! That's why it wasn't posted last night - I was too busy finishing it off!
Tomorrow is my granny's birthday. And it's a special one as she turns 90!
I've been working on this blanket for her since a couple of weeks before Fraser was born and really wanted to have it done in time to give her for her birthday.


Here it is!


It's more of a day blanket than a bed sized one, just the right size to keep her legs warm when she is sitting in the living room.
Calum & Fraser decided to try it out as a lap blanket just to see what it was like!


I chose the colours to be quite neutral, to match the decor in my granny's living room. They remind me of a cappuccino, or a slice of coffee cake, or a piece of tiramisu!


Just to finish it off and make it a bit fancier I added a wee scalloped border.


I'm glad I got it finished in time for her birthday and am looking forward to seeing her with it!



  1. It's beautiful, she'll be delighted. Fraser looks pretty pleased with it too (or maybe it's just getting big brother cuddles that's making him smile).


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