Friday, 31 January 2014

Things I'm loving...


This week kicked off with Sunday lunch at my brother's.
I can think of much worse ways to start the week than this fabulous chocolate meringue stack that my sister in law made for pudding!


Back in June 2012 James had 'train track' braces fitted to fix his crazily squint teeth.
This week he was so pleased to finally get them off.
Look how perfect those teeth are now!


Those two photos also show how much he has changed over the last 18 months too.




We fished the Bumbo out of the loft for Fraser this week. He's still a bit too small for it and prefers his bouncy chair but he did rather like his first wee shot in it...


...even when someone decided he needed a weapon to protect himself in it!
Different people say that Fraser looks like different boys. One person will say, 'he looks so like Alasdair' and then the next will say, 'oh he looks so like David' I suppose it's because they do all look alike anyway but here is Alasdair at a similar age, also in the Bumbo, and you can decide for yourselves!



Sticking with Fraser, his eczema is still pretty bad. One day I think it looks like it's improving and then the next it's worse and weeping again.
Poor little man, his face is always so sore and when I undress him for bath time he claws away at his chest and the top of his legs. During the day I try and keep him distracted from scratching his face as he can still make it bleed even with mitts on.



Despite how bad his skin looks, he still has the most content little personality and continues to enchant us all with his smiles and little 'conversations'.






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  1. Oh what a poor possum. Have you tried the Moo goo cream. That's good stuff.

    Love the look of that pav! Yummm...

  2. Wow that pav is pretty impressive - we had ambrosia here tonight and I'm SOOOO full up - but I still reckon I could sneak a mouthful of that pav. Poor wee poppet with his eczema - I guess you're pretty used to it now but still a pretty full-on job looking after their precious delicate skin hey - bless you xx

  3. Poor little guy… that eczema is just so sad isn't it? He is so precious. I think he definitely looks like all of your guys, but, he really does look very much ilke Alasdair. James looks so handsome. He really has grown in the last 18 months. Love the dessert.

  4. So sorry about the eczema! You are doing a great job keeping up with it!
    It is so fun to see how much all your boys look alike, and yet have their own look too! Fraser is certainly a handsome little fellow! Love those eyes in the last photo! Soooo BeaUtiFuL!


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