Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Déjà vu at the skin clinic

Yesterday Alasdair (4) had one of his regular appointments with the dermatologist.


Last week when our GP was referring Fraser to dermatology I mentioned that Alasdair had this appointment coming up. Our GP said that I should ask if they would look at Fraser while we were there anyway as even though he was asking for an emergency referral for Fraser it would still be a few weeks before he could be seen.


I didn't really have to ask when we were there though. Once Alasdair had been checked over and his treatment plans discussed (keep on doing what we're doing) the dermatologist immediately turned to Fraser, who was sitting on my knee. I mentioned about his referral and the suggestion from my GP. She agreed to see to his treatment there and then, rather than wait for his official appointment, which she looked up on the computer and is still three weeks away! I've just to ignore that letter when it comes through.


After talking with the doctor we then waited to see the nurse. She usually puts the creams & bandages the doctor has prescribed on the baby/child and talks the parents through how to do it all.


It was the same nurse who had treated Alasdair when he was first at the clinic, at exactly the same age that Fraser is now. She remembered us well as Alasdair had been seen by her every week for about 6 weeks. Although she knew we didn't need to learn about the treatment, she still creamed and bandaged Fraser so that he would get some instant relief from the itchiness. The little star smiled the whole way through, despite the fact that he was lying on a big bed having creams and bandages applied by a lady he didn't know.


Now Fraser has his own little corner of creams and ointments to match those of his brothers'.



And now he too gets greased up from top to toe after bath time. I think Alasdair quite likes the fact that Fraser now has the same routine as him. Although James(13) and Calum (11) both had the post bath creams and bandageswhen they were smaller, Alasdair obviously doesn't know this and so until now has felt that their eczema is different from his as they just need creams on their hands/arms/legs.

I need to hold onto that little right hand when his vest is off otherwise he will scratch and scratch away at his chest. He's learned how to scratch and determined to show me how well!



I wanted to get some photos of his face to keep a record of how his eczema is doing....





...and of course he kept turning his head towards me all of the time when I was trying to photograph the sides!




And still smiling of course!











You can read about the start of Alasdair's eczema here and see where the déjà vu comes in, but here are a couple of photos of him at around the same age as Fraser is now.


This was before he had started any treatment...


...and a few weeks later.





  1. :) Your wee man (well, actually both of them :) is so cute!! Love his smile!

  2. Just wanted to give you a hug. Eczema truly sucks. xxx

    p.s. We all loved your victoria sponge recipe tonight - thank you so much. Something so small, but I think it may have had a big impact on our family life. xxx

    1. Thanks xx

      Glad the cake worked out. I've got one baking just now for my oldest's 14th birthday.

  3. Fraser and Alasdair look very alike; you can certainly tell they are brothers. They are very precious. There is
    something about a smiling baby that gets to my heart. I can just picture little Fraser at the doctor's office just smiling. It is easy to understand Alasdair feeling better that Fraser shares his routines.

  4. What a little angle! And Alasdair too! So brave and precious! I am glad that Alasdair gets to have a little brother to bond with too. You are such a great momma Kirsteen.


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