Monday, 23 December 2013

8 weeks old

Our sweet little man is now 8 weeks old.


8 weeks.


In one sense it seems such a short time but in another it already seems hard to remember what life was like without him here.


8 weeks was how old James, Calum & Alasdair all were when their eczema started. James' was a moderate sort of eczema, seeming bad enough at the time, but Calum and Alasdair's went from nothing to severe pretty quickly.


8 weeks old and here is our beautiful wee Fraser....



It looks like he is going down the same road as all but one of his brothers.


I had him at the doctors on Wednesday as his forehead was so sore looking and he had angry red patches on his chest and the top of his back too. Our doctor is wonderful, in my opinion, and so sympathetic. He remembered Alasdair being just the same and looked up the treatment the dermatologist had prescribed for him after his hospital stay when he was 3 months old. He was also more than happy to refer Fraser straight on to dermatology if that was what I wanted.


I was happy to see how things go over the next few weeks first.


So, the little man has his first ever course of antibiotics as the doctor was almost certain he had the beginnings of a skin infection. He is such a good boy at taking them too. I remember his brothers gagging on the medicine when they were a similar age but he takes it quite happily!


I must admit I felt rather disheartened for a little while on Wednesday when we came back from the doctor. About the thought of our beautiful wee man having to go through what his (equally beautiful) brothers have. He has been such a contented wee soul and I wondered whether that would change if his skin became so sore.


Then I read about someone who's 6 month old baby was due to have heart surgery that day. That kind of put things into perspective a bit!


And Alasdair was actually pleased to hear that Fraser has eczema as he said, 'he's just like me!'


So I suppose that, hard as it might get for him (and I'm praying that he doesn't get anywhere near as bad as Calum and Alasdair did!), he has plenty brothers (and a daddy) who have been through it all too and can empathise with him.


The patches on his back and chest have cleared up a lot and his forehead is looking better than it was.


And so far he has remained the contented, smiley wee thing that he was before all this started.




  1. He's our wee hero anyway. And God will give you and him the grace to overcome as he has done with Alasdair and Calum. Just gives us more to pray for and more cause to love, that's all. Dad

  2. Oh that's just so sad... I hope he stays as happy as he is now!

  3. I think Tabitha maybe has eczema?!? She has a rash across her forehead, and the top of her back and chest. However, I have a cream I use for a LOT of things, called Mom's Love Rub. It has been clearing it up. It went from very red and angry looking, to being just dry. If I don't do it morning and night, it gets dry again. She also has cradle cap worse than the others ever did. She is not quite 8 weeks, so it will be interesting to see if HERS gets worse in the next days?! I hope the anti-biotics kick in quickly, and Fraser's infection clears up ok. Praying you are strengthened by the Lord, to care for him as well as you have done the other gorgeous boys. x

  4. He is lucky that you all have so much experience and can help him! Your family is gorgeous!

    Peace and good wishes for 2014!

    Bridget in Minnesota

  5. Well, I am sorry that he has the eczema. It has certainly been a difficult journey in that area for all of you. You have become well acquainted with it to be sure. I love what your father wrote, and agree with him. I can imagine that Alasdair would be comforted to know he is not alone in the struggle, and it makes him feel like he has some one to fight his battle with. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and many blessings to you for a Happy New Year.


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