Monday, 9 December 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like.....

On Saturday these two went out with daddy to choose this year's tree. David (8) chose last year's tree and took his responsibility very seriously. He wanted to choose an equally good one this year. He did in fact choose an even better one. Lovely, full and round.


On Saturday evening it was the boys' responsibility to hang the ornaments. They love to rediscover the ornaments each year and reminisce about them.
Here is Alasdair hanging his favourite ones....
....and here is a close up of them.


I didn't realise what an investment those Thomas ornaments were when I bought them ten years ago. Back then we just had two boys, aged 3 and 1. I never imagined then that ten years later the ornaments would still be as popular and that we would be blessed with 5 boys.
I see those trains hanging on our tree for quite a few years to come. In fact, even when the boys have all grown too big for Thomas the Tank Engine, I know that I will still be hanging them up to remind me of these days when they were small.

Those kissing reindeers on the right below are one of my personal, non boyish, favourites. I cross stitched them a few years ago.


Our tree is a Caring Christmas Tree. I know I have mentioned them before as we get one of these trees every year. The money raised from selling these trees goes towards helping the charity my husband works for help the homeless in many different ways.
So whenever we look at our tree, not only do we feel the joys of this time of year but it also serves as a constant reminder to us of those who are less fortunate than us. We are blessed in so many ways and I would never want for any of us to forget that and take it for granted.





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