Monday, 29 April 2013

Make it Monday - Arty Boys


James (13) and Calum (10) both love to draw so I thought I'd share a couple of drawings they did this past week as my Make it Monday tonight.
Firstly, Calum. He is working on this drawing for Alasdair (3). He wants to colour it in using watercolour pencils so he is waiting for me to show him how to use them as he hasn't tried them before.
I really like the way he has drawn this. It looks like the pencil drawings you get in the original Winnie the Pooh books.




James is working on this drawing of Link from the Legend of Zelda video games. He has started colouring it in now but since the colouring isn't complete I thought I would share the black and white version.


Now when he is working on a drawing he spends a lot of time detailing the eyes and the facial expression, which I think shows in this one.


And one more project of James'. He loves to get homework that involves anything arty. Recently he spent hours working on a poster about the Vikings for history and another one about Japanese food for Home Ecconomics.
This week his group in drama are to make an advert for a pretend soft drink. He volunteered to make the props for his group. This meant we had to buy some cans of fizzy juice, which we almost never do, so that he could repaint them. The other boys were only too happy to help him drink the contents so he could get to work! The background is from the original can, as is the price at the top, but the lettering and logo is his own work.
Don't they look great? I think I'd be tempted to try out a can of Pango Mango!



  1. Very creative boys over there at your house!
    The drawings are wonderful!

  2. Hello.
    First of all congrats to you all!! I am so happy for you...
    When I first read she lost the tast for tea!! Something is very wrong :)
    How exciting, another blessing coming your way.
    The boys art work was very good, love the creative gift God has given us.
    Keep us in the loop and hope you feel better soon, and get the tea taste bud back :)
    Blessings, Roxy


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