Monday, 15 April 2013

Music, medals and shinty.

On Saturday it was once again time for our annual local Mòd.


The Mòd, for those who may have missed the posts from previous years, is a sort of Gaelic Music & Literary competition. The National Mòd takes place in October each year, in a different town each time. It is obviously a much bigger affair than the little local Mòds, and there are competitons for adults as well as children. Our local Mòd only has children's competitons and has, in my opinion anyway, a much nicer and far less pressurised atmosphere than the National Mòd.


Calum (10) was the busiest of our boys on the day. He entered 4 competitons and took a placing in each of them.




He came 2nd in Reading an unseen passage from the Bible (Bible Gaelic is harder to read than your average Gaelic book!); 2nd in conversation (his chosen subject - why I want to be a crofter when I grow up); 2nd in solo accordion; and 1st with the folk group he is in with a few friends from his class.


James (13) didn't enter any solos but he did keep up his reputation of doing well in the short film competition, winning first for his animation.


David (7) didn't fancy taking part in any solos either but had an absolute ball of a day, literally. We were at the competition from about 9am - 4pm. I had a craft stall which kept me tied up when I wasn't watching Calum but David didn't mind. A few of his friends were there all day too. They too were not taking part but had siblings doing various competitons and so the friends played football outside for the whole time. There was about half an hour when David wasn't playing football and that was when he was taking part in the shinty tournament. And about 10 minutes when he came in and wolfed down some lunch. Other than that, football. All day long. An ideal sort of day for our David!


Our team were beaten in the shinty tournament but everyone enjoyed a good game.

I think David had already run off to play football again when I took this photo of the other boys! Thankfully Calum had already taken part in all his solos by this point and had another couple of hours to tidy himself up before his folk group competition.


I'll finish off tonight with a lovely little clip of Calum's folk group. The children in it are all only 10 years old and I'm sure you will be impressed at how well they play together as a group.






  1. That is wonderful! The children sound great! What a fun day!

  2. That was so sweet to hear them sing and play. They sounded wonderful. Congratulations to Calum for his four placements, and to James for his film.

  3. Aww I wish I could watch the video. I can't load it but maybe when I have better internet I will check back. Congrats to Calum and James! Wish I could stop by your craft booth! I hope you got some good sales!!

    ~ Marie


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