Friday, 12 April 2013

Little Crofters

Our Calum (10) doesn't have any grand ambitions for when he grows up.

He simply wants to be a crofter with some sheep, preferably living on Lewis, and helping out with the Hebrides Search and Rescue Team. He isn't too sure what he would like his day job to be, but he quite fancies the idea of being a Vet since he loves animals so much.

I can actually picture him fulfilling this dream too, driving about the island in his Land Rover Defender with his trusty collie dog by his side!

So he was really looking forward to our holiday last week when he heard that we would be looking after the animals of the friends whose house we were staying in. His job for 10 days was to look after their sheep and pigs. And the sheep were due to lamb too!

David (7) also proved himself to be a very worthy farmer. He, like me, loved the pigs. When I was born my father worked on a pig farm, not that I remember those days, but I like to think that this is why I have such a fondness for pigs!

Joy of joys for Calum, one of the sheep lambed early!

Sadly, because the lambs came early, and they were triplets too, one was already dead when it was born and another was quite weak. We nursed it through 24 hours (I say 'we' but I really mean my husband, Calum & David!) but it didn't make it past 24 hours.

Still, the 3rd lamb thrived and even experiencing the loss of the lambs hasn't put Calum off his dream of a crofting life!


  1. Oh... so precious. I don't know which I like more, the precious lamb, or the adorable pigs.... I feel the same about them as you. That is too bad about the little lambs that didn't make it; but it is great that the other is thriving. It is just the way it goes sometimes isn't it? That is the hard part of being a crofter/farmer as we would say. When I was young, I wanted to be a veterinarian too, and I wanted to marry a rancher. Well the first part didn't come to pass, but the second did. I think the Lord puts dreams in our hearts to guide us on our way as we get older. So you never know... your boy may end up doing exactly what he longs to do. I can picture what a great time those boys probably had while you were there last week. Marie and Elizabeth's goats are getting ready to "kid"... or give birth any day. I think baby goats are very precious also. I hope they will get pictures. Have a great week.

  2. Wow! What a week! To get to experience all of those things!
    It's tough to lose a baby lamb, but nice that one was healthy. They sure are cute when they are born!
    I love that Calum wants to live on Lewis and raise sheep.(Sarah is hoping to go to Lewis this visit Anne!)
    Sheep have really been fun for us to raise (Gregg and I are both city kids)...and, oh, the lessons we learn....being that we are so frequently compared with the critters in the Bible!

  3. Kirsteen, I love that you guys were able to stay for 10 days on the farm! How fun is that! Those pigs are adorable and I love them too! We had to get rid of our pig because she was eating us out of house and home lol!

    I am so sad about the two little lambs that didn't make it but glad that there was still one that survived. Probably the cutest lamb I have seen. Wish I could hold it. My Jonathan has been reading about sheep and how their milk is so healthy and how we americans don't use it and have to have it imported.

    What a great experience for Calum. Probably exactly what will determine his desire to be a farmer or not.

    Sure miss you and I can't believe how big your boys are getting!

    ~ Marie


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