Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Mid-week entertainment

I was hoping to share James' prize winning animation tonight but its taking forever to upload, so instead it's over to Calum again for a little entertainment.


This is his solo from the local Mòd last weekend.


His tunes are - Ye banks & braes, Auld Lang Syne and Mairi's Wedding.



  1. That is wonderful! He plays very well! What a pleasure to hear! How long has he been playing?

    1. Thanks Keri. It is nice to listen too isn't it!? He has been playing for about a year but doesn't get proper lessons. I've just taught him the tunes and he's picked them up so quickly. I really must look for an accordion teacher locally though as he's very keen to learn.

  2. Well, you've done a great job with the teaching! So fun when they find something they like to do!

    Our Joshua, (15 yrs. old)has had a mind to take up the bagpipes for a while, and has now had his 2nd chanter lesson! I get tickled to see what they become interested in.......bagpipe playing is really not a very common sort of activity here!

    Apparently, your son has discovered a fun instrument at a bit of an earlier age!

  3. This is so sweet, and he plays so well. Its wonderful that you've taught him. I love the songs too.

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