Friday, 26 April 2013

Things I'm loving....

A short one this week, but exciting nonetheless!


I came across this image online this week and thought it would be perfect for hanging on the kitchen wall.


You can't beat a nice cup of tea with some homemade cake. Or scones. Or a wee chocolate biscuit. Maybe with some toast first thing in the morning. Well you get the idea.


The trouble is I've kind of gone off tea!


I just haven't had the desire for it and have completely lost the taste for it.


In fact, right now the thought of a cup of strong black tea (never with milk!) actually turns my stomach.


I'm not too concerned though.


It's simply because.....


......we're having another one of these......



Expected date of arrival?

Sometime in the middle of October :0)



  1. Oh, my! I am so happy for you and jealous, too! I would love to have more but my 48-year-old body seems to think six is enough!

    Love from Minnesota!


  2. Wonderful news - congratulations. hope you keep well. Arlene

  3. What lovely news - definately something or rather someone to be loving!!

  4. We are so very happy for you and your family, Kirsteen!
    We all just smile whenever we think of it!....and to think Sarah will get to see you in such a fun state! :) Hooray! Hooray! (Of course, seeing the sweetie after birth would be the tops!) - but...
    So, are you craving any particular food? Or perhaps not feeling quite like eating at all?

  5. Hooray!!! :)

    I love that sign. My friend got me one with the same words (but different pattern) last year...

  6. Wow. That's such cool news!!! Congrats to you all.

  7. Oh, congratulations!!!!! Such exciting, happy news!!

  8. congratulations I hope you are keeping well, I hope you have a girl this time. xx

  9. Yay!!! Such exciting news and I love your intro to this announcement! Its so sweet that you will be having a baby around your house again. I am so excited for you and I am feeling a little baby itch because of you! Can't stop smiling about you Kirsteen! Love you all so much!
    ~ Marie


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