Tuesday, 23 October 2012

London - Part 2

Before we get cracking with the next batch of photos, the sport that was held at Horseguards Parade was the beach volleyball. I can understand why horse events was suggested though and we did actually stumble upon the place where the dressage took place too.

So, on Tuesday we visited the second of nine museums that we would visit in 5 days. That's right, 9 museums in 5 days.

James (12) is enjoying reading the Sherlock Holmes books just now and had requested that we visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

We took the tube up to Baker Street Station and this is what was decorating the walls of the station....

...it's made up of lots of little versions of the same image.

The museum was really well done. It was laid out like Sherlock's house would have been.

At the door were his and Watson's trademark hats.

All around the house were clues and props from various books.

And there was a friendly Victorian policeman at the doorway.

There was also a great little shop full of niknaks.

When we were finished with Victorian detectives we jumped back on the tube and over to Shepherd's Bush, where the BBC TV studios are.

Our reason for visiting this part of the city wasn't for the BBC though, but because we had discovered that there was a shopping centre there with a LEGO shop in it! The boys had never been to a dedicated LEGO shop before and they loved it.

Once we had exhausted the LEGO shop we were back on the tube and headed for Marble Arch.

Then we headed down to Harrods. Not to shop, but because we had heard that the Land Rover from the new James Bond film was on display there.

Complete with shot out back windscreen.

Once back at the house we had as our base for the week the boys eagerly opened their purchases. They had been saving up their pocket money since August especially for the London trip.

The wee man was rather pleased with his two new companions. He was very sweet in the store. He had chosen Mickey and then said that Mickey would be lonely without Minney. Since they were both half price he could get them both!

James had chosen to spend most of his money in the Sherlock Holmes shop.

And of course the other two boys had spent theirs on LEGO.

At the end of another busy day, Mickey and Minney made themselves comfortable looking after their new friend.

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