Friday, 12 October 2012

Things I'm loving...

Let's start with what I'm NOT loving this week, and I know it's going to sound so trivial, but at the end of last week my phone died on me. I have insurance for it and so sent it away at the beginning of the week to get fixed. Turns out that they can't fix it and so will be sending me a brand new handset.

I am of course thankful for the fact that I have insurance for it and am able to get it replaced, but boy do I miss my phone! Nearly all of my photos I take for my blog are taken with my phone, which instantly uploads them to google over a wifi connection, meaning that when I sit down to blog the photos are there waiting for me.

I use it as my watch, alarm clock; to check my Facebook, Twitter, emails; to see what my Instagram buddies are up to; to keep in touch with my hubby through the day as well as friends & family; for to-do lists; sometimes to blog from; to read my kindle on ........

I've been a bit lost without it!

Anyway, that's the long reason why for this week's Things I'm Loving post I have hardly any photos!

Calum, last week's birthday boy, has started going to a diving class on a Friday afternoon. It's only a 6 week introductory block and this week was his 3rd week. As a result of Olympic Fever and Tom Daley, the class was fully booked in no time!

Calum has really been loving the class.

In keeping with the Olympic theme, today after diving I took the boys on a slight detour when we were walking back down to the train station to come home. The detour was to see Sir Chris Hoy's golden postbox.

When the Olympics were on it was decided that every time a British athlete won a gold medal a postbox in their home town would be painted gold in their honour. Since Sir Chris won two golds it was a double postbox that was painted.

Which one of these four do you think the most likely to win gold in the future?!


  1. I don't think I could pick one who is most likely to win gold... but I can picture any of them doing it. They are all so cute, handsome, precious.
    I love how the "Wee guy" is leaning back against the post box with his hands in his pockets and that cute smile on his face. Love your autumn pictures on the previous post.. so pretty. The Dennis the Menace cake turned out great. We have Dennis the Menace here, but I wonder if it is a different thing, because he doesn't look the same and has blonde hair.
    I hope your get your phone back soon. I am with out one right now too. Luckily I got a new camera recently, so I am not lost completely, although it has been a pain to be with out the phone.

    Love and Blessings, Pam

  2. Bummer about your phone...I hope your new one comes soon! I'd be lost without mine too.
    I can't believe they painted a postbox gold - that's such a cool idea!

  3. Great is a pain when we rely on our phone for so much.... x

  4. I believe they are all gold medal winners! Heck I would take a bronze, but shoot for the GOLD! It is funny how are phones and cameras are essential to us Mom's and bloggers.
    Blessings, Roxy

  5. Oh they are getting so big Kirsteen!! I love this picture too! And I completely understand about your phone. I am so sorry.
    Love the mail box idea. And I think everyone of your lads could be gold Olympians!!

    You all have fun on your trip!
    ~ Marie

  6. Sorry about your phone! They are such handsome bosy! I'm sure any of them could win gold. ;-)


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