Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Another musical interlude

I'll hand over to Calum to entertain you all with his accordion playing tonight.

He isn't getting lessons for it formally, just getting a bit of help from his piano teacher mum with the keyboard side of the instrument for now. I've worked out what chords the buttons do and so I'm getting him to start trying to put both hands together too (although not in this clip). 

He seems to have a natural gift for it and will sit down and work out a tune from ear. The first tune in this clip, Mairi's Wedding, was one he had worked out just 5 minutes earlier after a discussion on Pentatonic Scales. 

I told him that if you used the black notes only it was an easy way of playing a Pentatonic Scale (that is, a 5 note scale. Western music mostly uses an 8 note scale but if you take out the 4th and 7th notes of that scale you get a Pentatonic Scale). I then said that a lot of Scottish music was Pentatonic and when he had a wee shot on the black keys he realised it sounded like the start of Mairi's Wedding. Then off he went, working out the rest of it.

He's working on some traditional tunes just now for Hogmanay celebrations, and Christmas gatherings of course, as well as looking towards Auntie Anna's annual Burns' Supper in January. There is always a good singsong of traditional songs at that and an accordion accompaniment will set the tone perfectly!

Anyway, without any further ado, here he is. In dressing gown and jammies, but pretend you didn't notice that. Oh, and just ignore the train noises in the background too!

Another educational post from the housefulofboys!


  1. So sweet!! I tried to play the accordian as a child. I only mastered a little brown jug:)
    My Mother was adopted and we just found out that we are very much scottish.
    Blessings, Roxy

  2. Kudos to Calum! That is so fun to hear, and he's doing great! I'm currently playing my violin in an ensemble (for a play) that has an accordian...it's my first time really being around one. I think they're so cool!


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