Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Fancy Dress Fun

On Friday night it was the Boys' Brigade Annual fancy dress party.

Before getting into costume the boys had to carve their pumpkins for the best pumpkin competition.

Here are their finished pumpkins. On the left is an Angry Bird pig, by David (6), with a little help from me. In the middle is an Angry Bird, all done by Calum (10). On the right is the Boys' Brigade badge, by James (12) which won 1st prize.

This year they chose much easier costumes than last year's Marvel characters!

They were (from left to right) - James Bond, Tintin, a little brother in his jammies not wanting to be left out of the action, and James Bond's little assistant, complete with Jetpack. Yes, of course James Bond has a little assistant with a jetpack. Everyone knows that!

The jetpack (made out of two fizzy juice bottles spray painted silver and stuck together, two plastic cups on the bottom and some fire coloured tissue paper, proved to be the key to helping Bond's assistant win 1st prize in the fancy dress competition. That's the 3rd year in a row David has won!

I think Calum made a pretty good Tintin.

We based his costume on this cup...

....and so had to recreate the pose...

These photos were all taken after the party, which is why James Bond's bow-tie is so wonky and is hair is a little less perfect. It's a bit more authentic though, like he's just fought off a baddie while standing on top of a train or something!

With David having won first prize for three years running, and Calum winning it the year before that, I think we have set ourselves a very high benchmark for next year!



  1. Hi Kirsteen, Marie and I are sitting here sipping tea and catching up on your blog. Elizabeth would probably love to be here sipping tea (and might yet pop over and join us), and enjoying your pictures as well, but is next door putting little Winston to bed. We have enjoyed the rest of your London pics, and the boys costumes. Congratulations to David for winning the contest (again).The boys all look very good in their costumes, and become their characters very well. Calum looks just like the Tin Tin on the cup picture. I haven't seen that movie yet, did you like it? Have a great week.

    1. Thanks Pam! Yes, we did enjoy the movie. The boys really loved it, even little Alasdair. Calum is a big fan of the books and has them on his Christmas wish list!

  2. How very fun - your boys looked great, and did a wonderful job on their pumpkins! Such clever costumes! :-)


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