Monday, 8 October 2012

Make it Monday - Children's Crochet Beanies

For the last month or so I have been busy working on some new kiddie hat designs.

Good timing really as the last couple of mornings here have seen our first frosts.

There is a little Aviator style one.......

I don't really have a favourite but this one is rather cute....

.....but then so is my little owl hat (OK, this one isn't a new style but it's a popular one!)

Oh, and Frosty is rather sweet too.....

....and this little snowflake hat would be so lovely on a little girl.

These will all be heading for my Etsy store soon


  1. Oh my they are just the sweetest hats ever!!
    I want to wear one:)
    I need to just pick up my needles or my hook and get busy. I really get inspired seeing these wee little guys hats.
    Blessings Roxy

  2. cute-cute-cute! you make such fun and pretty things, Kirsteen!

  3. Your talent is mouth dropping!! I love these hats!!! TOO CUTE!


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