Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Happy Birthday Calum!

10 today!

He's been interested in photography for some time now and has been desperate to get his own camera. Given his enthusiasm we thought it worthwhile getting him a semi decent one and not a kids level camera that doesn't take good photos.

He helped us choose the camera and loves it! He's been snapping away all evening, trying out different settings. My dad, a very keen amateur photographer, is staying with us for a couple of nights as he has some meetings down here, and has been giving him a few pointers. He has already cracked the variable exposure!

Expect to see a few posts dedicated to his new found photography skills coming soon!

Birthday boy's dinner request was Cottage Pie. It's one of everyone's favourites and that dish was soon scraped clean. Two pounds of mince, two pounds of tatties and there were still some voices asking, 'is there any more?'

At the weekend Calum is having a couple of friends over for a sleepover so we will have his 'official' birthday cake then, so tonight it was a plain old fashioned chocolate cake.



And what did he think of his day?

Happy birthday sweet natured, loving, smart, intelligent son no 2!



  1. Oh, Happy Birthday, Calum! I look forward to seeing his pictures...what a special little man!

  2. Happy Birthday Calum! What a brilliant gift for him. I can't wait to see his photography! His choice of birthday dinner looks and sounds delicious! I hope one day to sample your talented cooking Kirsteen :)


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