Monday, 22 October 2012

London - Part 1

Last week my husband had a one day conference to attend down in London. It was the school half term holidays and we had the offer of the use of a house for the week. How could we say no?!

The boys were so excited about the prospect, not just of a week in London exploring the sights, but of the train journey all the way down too! I have to say, I was pretty excited too!

The holiday didn't disappoint. 

It was amazing. 

We packed as much as we could into every day and became quite adept at jumping on and off various modes of public transport. We traveled by bus, underground train, overground train and even took the commuter boat along the river Thames one day!

Before going any further, I should warn you that you might want to go and grab a cup of coffee or something. There are quite a few photos and these are only from last Monday!

So, let's going.

First stop was the Imperial War Museum. With a husband who loves military history, and four boys, it had to be the first port of call.

 A short walk from the War Museum takes you up to the River Thames and you can see the Houses of Parliament.

Just across from them is the London Eye, which was far too extortionately priced for us to even consider going on!

When we saw Big Ben, the boys were saying how strange it is to see something in real life that you know so well from television, newspapers and even film. 

Just across from Parliament is Westminster Abbey, where William & Kate were married last year. As well as being the scene of many more Royal events, I should add!

Then, not too far from there we came upon Downing Street, home of the Prime Minister.

Although, you can't actually see it properly as it is hidden behind a huge fence and several heavily armed policemen.

Our next discovery was the Horseguards.

As we passed, they were lining up.

Turns out that every day at 4pm they have their inspection.

In days past, this was the entrance to the Royal Palaces and so that is where the tradition of the guards being here comes from. When not guarding the palace, and putting on quite a show for tourists, this battalion are the tank regiment, so my husband informs me anyway.

I love this next photo. It's so iconically 'London', don't you think?

We continued walking (we did A LOT of walking) up to Trafalgar Square.

Home of Nelson on his column.

And the lions.

Of course, all tourists visiting Trafalgar Square need to climb up to the lions and have their photo taken with them!

Once we had done that, we crossed over to the archway in the middle here...

...which takes you to the Mall, the road leading up to the Royal Palaces.

It was our day for stumbling across guard changes, because outside Clarence House these guys...

...were about to be relieved.

A little along from there and we reached the Queen's residence.

This is the memorial to Queen Victoria. 

 If you think this is grand, you should see the one she had built for her husband, Prince Albert! I'll leave that till another post though.

I was quite surprised when we found this lovely park across from Buckingham Palace. It had some very tame squirrels. One of them tried to run up James' leg!

We walked through the park and back along to the Horseguards Parade ground. The earlier photos of the Horseguards were taken at the other side of those archways in the middle.

Here's a question for anyone who's still with me and hasn't given up yet! The parade ground in the photo above was the venue for one of the sports in this year's Olympics. Anyone recognise it?

I shall tell all tomorrow :0)


  1. Hello Kirsteen, I loved all the pictures. I bet the boys loved the war museum! London has a magical note about it all. I was wondering was it the horse jumps and such?
    Blessings, Roxy

  2. Hi Kirsteen, Well, I've got my cup of tea (tea seemed better tonight than coffee), and not only that but a wonderful piece of cake, and Steve joined me, and we enjoyed all your pictures and commentary. We are all (Steve and I and the girls) dreaming of the day we can visit London, England, and Scotland. This post makes us feel as if we were there with you; It is such fun. I believe our boys would love the war museum very much. Eddie loves military and war history of all sorts. Steve and Nathan are very interested as well. I think I would love to visit GB's literary historical places. We loved all the sights you saw, and enjoyed seeing them after having read about them in various books. "The Wee Guy" looks adorable in front of the lions. His smile is so cute. He reminds me of Marie's "Wee Guy" for some reason... I think it is the smile. I look forward to seeing Prince Albert's Memorial... I couldn't think of a guess to the sport, so I am interested to hear the answer. Thanks for the comment on my blog.. I am very excited to go see the girls, and so happy they are in one place as you say. The boys all wish Papa Steve were coming too, and so do I. Another time. I will pop in a couple of days from now (probably with the girls) and see the rest of your sights.

    Love and Blessings,


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