Monday, 17 September 2012

Miscellaneous Monday (with a few makings too!)

The past couple of weeks I have been busy crocheting. 

Yes, I know it seems like I am always busy crocheting, but I mean more so than usual. You see, I have a craft fair booked for 3 weeks time. There is already a jewellery and a cards stall booked in, so I can't have any of these on my stall, just crochet and sewing.

So, I have been busy making up some kiddie hats. And some adult ones.

And some of these wee guys.

These cute little monsters have been made under the direction of James! He tells me how many eyes to put on each one and how to make it's mouth. I'm working on a kiddie hat to match the blue one.

This little cutie is made to an arigurumi cupcake pattern {click here to find it} but since I chose to make it up in purples (my favourite colour) it looks more like a little Ribena Berry. I'm just going to pretend that that's what I meant to do all along!


I've also been busy this week working on an order for my Etsy shop.

These cufflinks are currently in the care of Royal Mail and somewhere between here and the US!


A few weeks ago we all attended a  family fun day where the boys entered a design your own t-shirt competition. James won his age group and the prize was getting your design made up onto a t-shirt.

His t-shirt arrived today. The drawings were all professionally re-drawn and it looks great!


Have you seen the new Facebook like box in the sidebar? I'd love to have some more likers for the Lifeinmyhousefulofboys Facebook page. If any of you are on Facebook it would be lovely to connect on there.


Oh yes, that sound clip I had in my Things I'm loving post below. I had a funny feeling it wouldn't work. I was posting from an ipad app and I didn't think I had done the link properly. Here it is now though. It's worth waiting for ;0)


  1. Oh my goodness, hearing the little precious voice along with your sweet voice made my heart well up as if I was listening to my own Grandsons. I made Steve listen... he chuckled and thought it was so sweet too.

    I love the creations you have made for your craft fair. They are so cute. I am looking forward to exploring your etsy shop. Marie helped me create one a little while back, but I haven't ever gotten as far as loading pictures on it... isn't that crazy... one of these days...



  2. Also forgot to add; love the winning t-shirt and congratulations to your son for winning, it really does look great.

  3. Precious little voice! I love all your audio and video clips you upload. All of your crochet items are so creative and cute Kirsteen! And those cufflinks are amazing!! You are such an inspiration! I hope you sell all the items you bring to the craft fair. Congratulations to James and his winning T-shirt! :)


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