Friday, 21 September 2012

Things I'm loving...

How come it's Friday again already? Surely I was only writing a 'Things I'm Loving post' yesterday?!

The boys are rightly proud of their special badges they received at Boys' Brigade commemorating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee year. One to keep and show their grandchildren, I think!


Speaking of grandchildren, some time ago I remember sharing how special it was that I had inherited my granny's china.

Well, last week I was looking online to see if I could find any more china to match it.

I already have a couple of round cake plates from my granny, but on ebay I found this.....

....a lovely rectangular one. I used a bit of my birthday money to treat myself.

Speaking of birthdays, I got some lovely new cookbooks for my birthday last week and have been enjoying trying out some new recipes.

Red velvet and Malteser cupcakes. Can anyone guess what book they are from? Red Velvet is their signature cake.

Little man was enjoying some dress up time at his cousins' house this week.

He was rather fascinated by the hat!

And, although it hasn't quite happened yet, I'm pretty sure the boys will be loving what we've got planned for tomorrow!

These are their favourite mini figures. We have them on display in the living room cabinet that was originally for dad's lead soldier collection. The lead soldiers have been squashed a little bit closer together to make way for a whole host of mini figures!

Enjoy whatever you have planned for the weekend!


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  2. I am loving those little teacups, and then I saw the son would go bananas over your collection!

  3. Cool list of loves this week! Those cupcakes look divine, and that swap shop is such a cool idea - you have an awesome collection!

  4. Your Grannie's dishes are such treasures. I have my Grannies dishes too, and I love them. How wonderful to have found that rectangular plate, great find.
    I think the cupcakes must be from Nigela? My stomach is growling. If I were a kid again (even though I am a girl) I would love to go to a "Lego Swap Shop".

    Love that little Cowboy.


  5. Mum's the Word27 September 2012 at 13:33

    Cakes look yummy! My guess is the Hummingbird book?


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