Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Weekend fun...

We didn't do anything special this weekend, but I thought I would share with you a few snapshots, taken on my phone, of a typical weekend in the housefulofboys.

You may notice that there seem to be quite a few food shots in there.

You may, or may not, find that surprising :0)

Friday night seemed a bit chilly, so I thought it was the perfect excuse to experiment with a new cosy pudding. Choc chip & banana, bread and butter pudding, only made with choc chip brioche rolls and not bread and butter. It was divine!

We usually have pancakes on Saturday morning, but on Friday I was out with a friend for brunch and we had the most delicious french toast, bacon and syrup. So, on Saturday morning I decided to try and make the same. (Our egg free boys had normal toast rather than the french toast.)

I need to feed them well on a Saturday morning you see, because the older three boys (and coach daddy) have shinty training later on in the morning.

While we watched the older boys, Alasdair and I had fun running around the park, pretending to be baddies and goodies.

Later on in the day the boys earned some pocket money by giving the car a well needed clean, both inside and out.

Sunday lunch is always a traditional roast in our house. Beef, chicken or ham. This week, I bought beef brisket and let it cook in the slow cooker overnight. By the time we ate, at about 2pm, it had been cooking for about 15 hours and was sooo tender. Although it wasn't technically roast beef, I still had to make yorkshire puddings to go with it!

Sunday lunch pudding might look a bit on the healthy side, but don't worry, there was a jug of butterscotch sauce to pour over the fruit!

After lunch we made life-sized soldiers by drawing round the boys and then drew on the Armour of God. They aren't finished yet, but are looking good so far.

Then in the evening, in order to compensate for all our treats, we cycled to and from church. 2.5 miles each way, if you're wondering. We are trying to cycle as much as we can before the weather gets too cold!

As are my brother and his family. We made up quite the gang as we all cycled off from church together, 4 adults, 6 boys all on bikes and one boy in a trailer! We went part of the way together and then had to head in different directions. They don't have quite such a steep hill to climb on the way back as we do either! 

And that was our weekend!

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