Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Super {busy} Saturday

On Saturday it was the annual sponsored walk organised by the homeless charity my husband works for. This year the walk was across the Forth Road bridge, the main route north out of Edinburgh.

You can see the bridge stretching across the background in this photo below.

Right beside the road bridge is the iconic Forth Rail Bridge. Opened in 1890 it is famous for having a never-ending paint job. once the painters reached one end it was time to start all over again from the other side. Only, not any more. Within the last couple of years they finished painting it with a special paint that won't need re-doing for some time.

Anyway, I digress.

The road bridge is fairly high up and despite their being no wind on street level, once we were up on the bridge it was a bit breezy.

The traffic on the bridge is constant. And we were surpised at how much of a sway there was on the bridge too - especially when a lorry or two passed!

On the north side of the bridge is North Queensferry, a pretty little village.

Snacks at the halfway point.

The sponsored walk took us across the bridge and then all the way back across to where we had started. 3.5 miles in total.

When we reached the start point there were refreshments to revitalise everyone!

As if that wasn't enough to fit into a Saturday, once we got back home, mid afternoon, we popped across to our neighbours' for a little while as they were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.

Then in the evening my parents in law came through to look after the boys while my beloved and I went to a wedding reception. To get to the wedding we had to drive across the same bridge we had walked over earlier!

We were more than ready for our beds when we got home that night!

The great thing is that we reached our fundraising target for the walk. Every penny goes to help those who don't have that welcoming bed and roof over their heads that we do.


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  1. Awesome stuff that you reached your target! And love the views from the bridge too...there's something cool about walking (or even driving) over a really big bridge. I always love going over the one between England and Wales too :-)


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