Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Sweet littlest man

Two snaps of our sweet littlest man tonight.

He suffers so much with his eczema still. 

Large parts of my day, and large parts of my nights, are spent trying to distract him from the itch that consumes him from top to toe. For his entire little life he has had to endure the itching and the sore, sore skin. All over. From his scalp to his cute little toes. And everywhere else in between.

How I wish we could take it away from him. But then, what parent hasn't wished to take an ailment away from their child?

Despite his own frustrations with his skin, and the times of glazed over zoned out of everything but scratching, he remains everyone's sweet little 'Babee' (still what he calls himself)

Here he is yesterday playing with his trains while I got on with a spot of crochet. His game of trains turned into a train tea party, with all the trains coming over to sit on my lap and wait for Thomas the Tank to come and offer them either tea or coffee! He did this for over an hour and a half!

And here he is today pretending to be Captain America when we went off on the bike to pick the older boys up. He loves the little shield James bought him for his birthday.

He is such a brave little soldier. Captain America would be proud.

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  1. Oh he is such a sweet 'Babee' and I am so impressed the way you both handle treat his eczema. He is so brave and strong and such a happy baby about it.

    Much Love to you both


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