Saturday, 15 September 2012

Things I'm loving....


It's the start of the weekend and so that means it's time to join in with Meghan's Things I'm loving linky.

This week I loved the wonderful gifts my beloved and my boys got me for my birthday. I didn't want anything fancy but they got me a whole selection of beautiful Cath Kidston goodies.

Like this.........

.....and this......

.....and this..... well as a few more things.

Loving the fact that as a mum of boys you can rely on finding some sort of weaponry in the strangest of places.

Like a sheriff's gun on top of the toilet.
Well, a sheriff has to go sometimes too!

Loving that we have booked our train tickets for a holiday to London next month. The boys are so excited and planning all the sights they want to see, studying the map with daddy to see where everything is. The long train journey is an equally exciting thought for them!

And a really sweet one to end with. Every night at bedtime Alasdair asks me to sing the theme song from the old Winnie the Pooh movie to him. He calls it the Christopher Robin song. Some nights he likes to sing along too. One of those nights, I recorded our singing on my phone which you can hear here (if this works!)

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Wow exciting that you're off to London. I shall look forward to hearing and seeing your adventures! Your birthday treats look lovely too :-)

  2. Happy Birthday! I love all things Cath. Have a wonderful vacation in London!

  3. What a sweet set of boys you have knowing just what you would love. Happy Birthday. x

  4. I was looking forward to hearing the little song, but it wouldn't load... it said it was an invalid address... I don't know if its my computer, but perhaps you could see if it needed to be reloaded... I love Winnie the Pooh very much, I think it is so nice that the boys like to have you sing with them.

    Such a nice birthday party. Cath Kidston looks like a lovely brand.

    Oh, I chuckled over the sheriff's gun on the toilet.
    My son Luke just walked in with a huge "Brave Heart"
    Sword that he wants to sell on e-bay. I don't think it matters if they are 2, 10 or 30... as you say "you do find weaponry in the strangest places". I thought it was funny how your boys had a sherriff's gun, and mine had a "Brave Heart Sword". I believe we enjoy each other's countries don't we.

    Many Blessings Kirsteen


  5. Love the pistol on the toilet top! That could so happen at my house!


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