Thursday, 16 August 2012

Olympic Fever

Was anyone else enjoying the Olympics as much as we were?

I wasn't particularly fussed about them in the run up. The media, as usual, totally over hyped the whole thing so I tried to ignore it as much as possible. We all watched the opening ceremony since it was a once in a lifetime thing, it being held here in the UK and it had us gripped from then on!

The opening ceremony was really well done, and we all especially loved the part with Mr Bean and Chariots of Fire.

There were so many different sports to watch and I was surprised at which ended up being the boys' favourites. Especially David, who I thought would enjoy the football or maybe the judo the most, but he was most interested in the equestrian events!

The fact that the UK had such a successful games (our best since 1908!) made it all the more gripping for us. Every night the boys would want me to look up the medal table online and see where we were. I have memories of Olympics when I was growing up and the UK never seemed to do all that well overall.

Anyway, the boys, especially James, always like an excuse to collect things so I thought I would show you their wee Olympic display in their bedroom.

Wenlock and Mandeville, the mascots, take centre stage, surrounded by some gold medal winning Team GB Lego mini figs. Well we had to have Lego in their somewhere, didn't we?

This isn't the sum total of our Olympic collection either!

We also have a coin collection, Olympic Jammies for David, Olympic glasses from Mcdonalds and a lovely Team GB scarf for me!

Like I said, it's a once in a lifetime event, hosting it over here. We had to make the most of it!


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